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Key Words Surrounding Hepatitis C

Learning about hep C is very important. The more you know, the more relaxed you will feel. I found that when I was telling someone about my hep C, I was knowledgeable enough to answer small questions regarding it. I was sitting around thinking of what I wish I knew right out of the gate about hep C. I’ve compiled a list of important to help you learn as well.

Hepatitis C, Hep C, HCV –  All terms referring to the hepatitis C virus

Genotype – Refers to the strain of hep C you have. This also determines regime of treatment. However, many of today’s treatments can treat several or all genotypes. Read more about genotypes here.

Fibrosis – The scarring of the liver. Read more about fibrosis here.

Cirrhosis – A severely scared liver (Stage 4). Read more about cirrhosis here.

End Stage – Last stage of liver disease. The liver is severely damaged and might need transplant. Read more about stages of liver disease here.

Transplant – Removal of a liver and replaced with a live donor (a person who gives up half of their liver for you) or a cadaver liver (someone who had donated their organs upon death). Read more about transplant here.

SVR – Sustained Viral Response. Clinically cured. Read more about SVR here.

Viral Load – Amount of hepatitis C virus in your blood. Read more about viral load here.

Undetected – Finding no hepatitis C virus in the blood. Zero viral load. Read more about viral load testing here.

MELD Score– Usually not used until later stages of hep C. This is a calculation to determine the severity of liver disease. Read more about MELD here.

Biopsy – A surgical removal of a tiny part of tissue to be viewed and tested. Read more about biopsy here.

Non-Responder – A patient who has undergone hep C treatment is not responding to this treatment. Treatment does not show significant results in killing the virus.

Liver Scans – Various scans used to look at the liver, including MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound. Read more about liver scans here.

The DRAGON – Term used in the hep C community, describing fighting hep C. You will see others say, “I beat the dragon” or “The dragon is going down”.

If you are learning more about hepatitis C, these are just a few of things you will need to know. In my experience, everyone always asks how they can contract hep C, so it’s important to learn about all the ways to get infectedHere are a few ways that hep C is transmitted: unsafe blood transfusions, IV drug use, Air Gun injections, rough sex, and shared personal items (such as tooth brush or a shaver/razor). In rare cases, it can be transmitted mother to baby

Knowing these facts and then sharing them gives leads to better public knowledge, and with more knowledge, hopefully, less stigma and fear will surround hepatitis C.

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