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An alarmed face stares with wide, dry, yellow eyes.

Dry Eyes Caused by Hepatitis C

When you’re looking for a treatment and cure for dry eyes, it’s a little scary. First, HCV can affect so much more than just your liver. If you have it for a long time, areas like your gastro, cardiovascular, and even your glandular system can be weakened. Some of this can cause little things like dry eyes. It’s not anything to be too scared of, unless you’re afraid of mice. Keep reading…

The causes of dry eyes

When my eyes were irritated and overly dry, I thought it was just dehydration. Typically, dry eyes are caused by the HCV virus, not its treatment.

Siccan versus dry eyes

Siccan is a very rare inflammatory disease of the glands and other tissues. It can affect your tear glands, creating dry eyes. If you think it’s your problem, an ophthalmologist is your best bet. Dry eyes are a very common problem that can come with aging. Your doctor can give an official diagnosis.

My experience

What happened to me was scary. I always run and get up on furniture when a mouse scurries past me. Then one day, I was outside and thought there was a mouse in the tree. I darted my eyes around and noticed that the “mouse” or dark spot was following my line of vision. At the same time, I began to notice other problems with my eyes.


With dry eyes, you might experience itch, dark spots, redness, and irritation.

I began to notice the spots and sandpaper feeling during the day versus at night time, or after working on my computer. Of course, I compared my contact lens against my reading glasses. The prescription was a couple of years old and if it was out of focus, it could cause eye strain. The doctor quickly got me in for a vision test. Sure enough, my contact lens were not strong enough. But, he also had an explanation for my dark spots that wasn’t so spooky after all. It was a classic case of dry eyes. My retina and cornea was healthy as can be, and that is a huge relief.

Treatment options

Eye drops

One of the easiest solutions is over-the-counter artificial tears to drop in your eyes as much as needed. I told my doctor about all the ones I had tried. He suggested a thin and watery one for during the day. The thicker drops can make your vision blurry for a few minutes and are better for bedtime use. I got one that was best for use with contact lens.


When outside, I began to wear the wrap around shades even more. I’m thinking of investing in an expensive pair, but right now am using some I bought for fishing that reduces glare.


My doctor explained that it may not make a big difference to reduce screen time, but it couldn’t hurt either.


Use the 20-20 rule and get away from your screen for 20 seconds or more about every 20 minutes.


I go without mascara quite a bit just to give my eyes a break. After removing my eye make-up, I’m always sure to apply a warm moist wash cloth on my eyes. Sometimes, I follow up with eye drops.

There are other medicines, prescription drops, and even treatments for severe dry eyes. Your doctor will be able to guide you through all the treatment and cures for dry eyes. There have been very few mice since I started keeping a bottle of drops close by. With practice, I’m pretty good at putting drops in at the inner corner of my eye without ruining my mascara. If you are having dry, itchy eyes, or seeing dark spots, give your doctor a call. It may just be dry eyes.

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