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A person with silver hair looks out at their pain medication options, including CBD oil and over the counter medicine.

Safe Chronic Pain Medicine 

So you’re living with aches, shooting pains, stabbing needlelike pricks, or deep-inside inflammation. No matter what type of discomfort, you want safe relief from chronic pain. Medications offered may not be the same as for someone who has never had liver disease. I’ve had to learn to take safe chronic pain treatments and manage pain in so many different ways. Your medical provider can guide you depending on the cause and place of your pain.

Painful places

Here are some areas of the body that can be affected by pain:

Joint pain

Joint pain usually comes from deep inside and can cause the sensation of being heavy and stiff. I can feel it more during, or following, movement. On some occasions, I’ve woken up from sleep and hurt more than I did the night before. There isn’t always rhyme or reason with joint pain. It can even feel worse after sitting or lying down.

Muscular pain

Muscular pain can also create stiffness, except instead of locking up at a joint, it affects the muscles in your whole body. There have been times when the mental agony of muscle pain made me go a little crazy. It’s just hard to focus on anything except the pain of not being able to move.

Nerve pain

Nerve pain is the shooting, stabbing, tingling, and numbness. If you’ve had the fire-like heat throb down your arms, legs, or back, you never forget it. It can be excruciating. It’s a little harder mentally because it doesn’t come on slowly from a swelling, or even from movement. It’s involuntary and NOT predictable.

Other types of pain

Other types of pain an be a general sensation in specific body parts. Even around your liver or gut, you may feel a pressing sensation or tightness that is painful.

Pain Medications

Just reading about the pain may have made you feel worse. It hurt me writing it. Let’s talk about the multiple ways we can look for, and hopefully find relief.

Over-the-counter (OTC)

Often, OCTs such as aspirin, Tylenol, or ibuprofen can help. They reduce inflammation, which can help with the stiffness and swelling. They can also block nerve receptors, giving you temporary relief.

Prescription medications

Prescription medications for pain have come under fire because of the opioid crisis. Doctors have been forced to crack down on pain meds. There are a wide range all the way from codeine, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone, Demeral, Methadone, Morphine, and Oxycodone. Available in oral doses, many also come in a dermal patch with allows for a time release.

CBD or marijuana

CBD and marijuana are two alternatives that have been legalized in many states. I’m still studying and considering my options. I’ve used CBD oils and creams, and have talked with my doctors about the use of THC products. I’m still at the fact-gathering stage regarding their use.

Looking for safe chronic pain medicine

If pain is breaking up your ability to function, you need safe chronic pain treatments. Even if it is just an occasional annoyance, it can wear on you over time. For those with long term hep C, you may have had a lifetime of pain after you treat. Hopefully, everyone can get cleared of the virus and begin to heal their whole body. The truth is, many of us are living with a chronic pain and need safe, affordable treatment that allow us to enjoy our life, not be in a constant battle with it.

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