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Achy Breaky Bone Pain With Hepatitis C 

While living with liver disease, I had achy breaky bone pain with hepatitis C for many years. For a while, I kind of hurt all over. I ignored it as long as possible, but ended up asking my doctor for help while I was on treatment. My pain definitely got better after I became SVR.

Causes and symptoms

Here is what I’ve learned about achy breaky bone pain with hepatitis C:


Hep C creates inflammation in your liver, which is passed around to other parts of your body. This includes bones, muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.


When your body is fighting hep C, your autoimmune system may kick in and put up a fight – in your whole body. This collected pain, or inflammation, outside the liver may be referred to as an autoimmune response.


Made of collagen proteins, bones are a living tissue that needs constant nutrition to repair and grow. If your liver is sick, they made not get the nutrition they need. They also grow less with age, and many of us with hep C have aging bones in addition to the other problems.


The hinge part, where your bones join, is what helps you move. Because there is lots of connective tissue here, there is less direct blood supply. Your body may flush the area with fluid, or swelling, to bring nutrients to your joints. Swelling can make it a little more warm, and painful to move around.


At the end of each muscle is a tendon made of collagen fibers. These attach the muscle to the bone and other parts of your body. Tendons have less blood supply and may swell also.


These are collagen fibers too, except they attach your bones to other bones. Like tendons, they don’t have a good blood supply.

When to talk to your doctor

If you’re experiencing these symptoms, consider asking your doctor about…


There are lab tests for arthritis and autoimmune illness. You might get X-rays, bone density scans, or other tests. Mine were negative. The left over pain was just the effects of hep C. It eventually got better after I cleared the virus.


Movement such as swimming, walking, or cycling can help to increase bone density. It also increases blood flow, bringing nutrients to the joints, tendons, and ligaments. It also releases chemicals, which brings pain relief.


Eating healthy protein, and a variety of veggies and fruits, help your body repair more quickly. Drinking water flushes out toxins and keeps you lubricated.


Your whole body need a balance of rest and work. After exercise, take time off to recuperate.

Vitamins or supplements

There are tests to detect if you’re low on vitamin D, calcium, or other minerals. Ask your doctor about it, to help you treat achy breaky bone pain with hepatitis C.

Pain medications

Your doctor can offer medications to help with bone pain from hepatitis C. Always ask for approval, before, during, and after treatment.

Get help!

If you have achy breaky bone pain from hepatitis C, talk to your doctor about possible solutions. Be patient with your body while it recovers from treatment. You can become hep C free pretty fast. Still, your body takes time to feel better in general. While you’re waiting, find out what your doctor recommends to help you. Have you felt bone pain? If so, you are not alone.

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