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Round Up: Top Questions and Answers about Hep C – Part 2

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In September, we received a lot of questions on our site about hepatitis C, symptoms, cures, side effects, and treatments. After a hepatitis C diagnosis, it’s perfectly normal to have lots of questions, and we’re here to help! While we cannot offer medical advice, we can help you navigate your hep C journey. You can always ask your questions here or help these members answer theirs below…

Here are some questions we’ve received. Click for answers!

Is it normal to have all these symptoms during treatment?

Is it normal to be so sleepy?

Has anyone experienced excruciating foot and leg pain and did anything help?

Can pure oregano oil kill hep c virus?

Will I be cured?

Editor’s Note: Are you afraid to talk about your hepatitis C? Some people want to learn more about hep C, but also want to keep their diagnosis private. At, there are ways to get information and connect with others, without revealing your identity. Click here to learn more about how to talk about hep C anonymously.

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