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Ask the Expert: Symptoms You Should Share With Your Doctor

Many people in the hepatitis C community ask us about hepatitis C symptoms and what to share with their doctors. We asked hepatitis C advocate, Barry to share which symptoms from hepatitis C are worth mentioning to the doctor.

Barry Edge


Call your doctor if you experience these symptoms from hepatitis C:

  1. Bleeding from anywhere
  2. Swollen feet, ankles, hands, distended belly
  3. Abdominal pain
  4. Right side pain
  5. Muddled thinking (brain fog) – Why did I come into this room?
  6. Short-term memory problems
  7. Dizziness – especially when standing from a seated position
  8. Nausea, vomiting
  9. Yellow-tinted skin or yellow in whites of eyes
  10. Blisters
  11. Fatigue
  12. Swollen glands
  13. Elevated temperature
  14. Night Sweats
  15. Depression or anxiety
  16. Loss of appetite
  17. Bladder or bowel irregularities
  18. Insomnia, or over-sleeping
  19. Dehydration, dry skin
  20. Sores that won’t heal

If you experience any new or worsening symptoms not included above, we recommend that you contact your doctor or healthcare team.

Possible procedures

If this is your first visit to a gastroenterologist or hepatologist, he/she will likely recommend two procedures. These may include:

Upper endoscopy

Typically, this is an easy procedure. An anesthesiologist will put you to sleep, so you’ll feel no pain, stress, or discomfort. Once you’re asleep, the doctor will insert a camera down your esophagus to check for varices – varicose veins in your stomach. These veins can cause stomach bleeding. Your doctor will treat them to eliminate danger of bleeding.


The purpose of this test is to look for intestinal polyps. These can be HCV-related, but may eventually turn into cancer if not removed. Your doctor will remove any polyps, and send them off to a lab for testing.

Have a question about hepatitis C symptoms, testing, or treatment? Click here to ask us today!


  • Ellen
    3 years ago

    Hi all 10 more days taking “EPCLUSA” been negative since week 4 but seems like it’s a roller coaster w this liver thing. iv been having up days and down days. been swelling again after not having any swelling for well over a month. pain. fatigue. blood blisters on my fore arms this is new never had these before. kinda conceded about that . but also in my legs iv always had terrible veins. now way way worse. hoping to God I’m not stuck w after affects from this drug so ready to be done. but then praying I stay negative. ewww lordy…I’m nervous as a ho in church!! lol praying for all liver patients and hep c ppl. if on Medicaid. please please fight for your cure!!! I switched MEDICAID provider to “MERIDIAN” called them , wrote EMAILS, called my senator. had second liver biopsy!!!! you must be proactive in your own care!!! took me over two years to get it. but persistence will pay off in the long run…I promise you!! good luck everyone!!!

  • CaseyH moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi EllerMay66! I’m so glad to hear you’re still testing negative while on Epclusa! Yay! Please keep us posted! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had your ups and downs, and that the downs have been so rough. We hope you’ll continue to be diligent about monitoring your symptoms, and bringing any concerning issues, like the blood blisters, to your provider to determine how these can be managed. On another note, I very much appreciate you’re positive and fighting spirit! You are truly awesome, my friend! Not only is your humor wonderful, but also your persistence in fighting for yourself and the care and support you need is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing! We’re so grateful to have you in our community! Warmly, Casey ( Team)

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